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The person to blame: Francis Nicholson 


EwanI established SoSoTrue.com as an outlet to satirise, poke fun at, and be hyper-judgmental about celebrity culture and all the other morons who appear in the news. Let’s face it: the inmates have definitely taken over the asylum, and the most foolish among us have come to lord over our media. Politicians, celebrities, business tycoons, athletes, and reality TV stars are elevated to a place that is way, way out of proportion with who they are. The obscene amounts of money earned for their endeavours, to the backdrop of immense suffering and poverty throughout the world, is something that if you don’t laugh at, you will cry for, and cry a lot. I have two other blogs I run on relationship advice and political commentary that critiques the media, capitalism and, consumerism, but this satire was too acidic and puerile to post on either. Here at SoSoTrue.com, I have found a home for all the daft, infantile and weird ramblings that run rampant in my mind when I gaze bewildered at what our culture has become. I hope you enjoy.



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