You Can’t Believe What Milla Jovovich’s Daughter Looks Like

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Real human or hybrid type mini-clone? Judge for yourself.

graphic-NNNWith such a tantalizing click-bait headline for an article, I guess you expect to read something shocking, like she has two heads, but brace yourself for something that is two headless — but just as shocking.  As outrageous as it may be, Milla Jovovich’s daughter looks like her. She posted a picture of the 8 year-old on Instagram and stunned her 5 billion followers. This never-before-seen phenomenon has people scratching their heads and asking the tough questions. Is this a baby clone? Has she gone back in time and brought back her 8 year old self? What kind of resident evil-type weird shit is going on here?

Fans of the “reigning queen of kick-butt” noted the super disturbing resemblance between the former model and her possible clone/daughter and wished little “Ever” (interesting name for a robot clone that can never  “ever” die, don’t you think?) the best for her special day. Such comments as, “She looks just like you and I think she is you!” and “Very cute but kinda creeped out!” were very popular. One fan also reminisced about an early Jovovich movie, The Night Train to Kathmandu, stating, “She reminds me of the first movie I ever saw you in, so young. Also could you send me some more pictures of your 8 year-old daughter to my private email address?”

Although for now the mystery remains open one, we hope that one day science will be able to answer this most puzzling of questions.

Cloning fun facts:

The award winning documentary Battle Star Galactica revealed robots cloning into humans is already a thing.


  • The reproductive cloning of humans is banned under the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, which is basically a piece of paper without any ability to enforce its rules. This is banned in order to prevent the general public from freaking out about how many Rupert Murdochs there are running around.
  • Dolly the Sheep, the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell, was born on 5 July 1996. The cell was taken from a mammary gland. Supposedly, she tasted as delicious as her clone double, but a little less chewy.
  • She was named ‘Dolly,’ as, in the words of the project leader: “We couldn’t think of a more impressive pair of jugs than Dolly Parton’s.
  • Snuppy the Afghan Hound is pictured during a photo call at Seoul National University's College of Veterinary MedicineThe first dog to be cloned was born in South Korea on 24 April 2005, and he was named Snuppy. The name came from play words — puppy sounds like snuppy. Others on the project wanted to call it Chujo — hells jaws and Spawn of Satan — but they settle don Snuppy.
  • Snuppy was named as Time Magazine’s most amazing invention of 2005. Humans are so arrogant that we now think we invented fucking dogs.

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