7 Signs of a Woman Who Will Never Stop Stalking You

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graphic BADating in the 21st century is a flurry of delirious anticipation. There’s the potential to meet your future spouse on a number of online platforms at any time — yet the sad fact is that most of these women will turn out to be creepy douchebags. Then, from nowhere, we can strike gold. I met my current long-term stalking partner on Tinder! — with the simple, one-sentence message: “My legs are like a 7/11, always open.” Choosing the right guy to obsess over and put every inch of your life’s focus into is not an easy choice. After one date with Graham, I knew we were soulmates, and I was convinced marriage would be soon. Yet that second date never happen, and he betrayed me. I am pretty sure a kind of curse was put on him, otherwise I just can’t explain why he ran away when we such an awesome connection. At same time that something clicked or snapped, whatever you want to call it, and I knew Graham and I were going to be together, I just needed to show him how much I loved him. I have been stalking him continuously for the last 5 years, and I will continue to do so until the day he and I die in each other’s arms. So if you want to know if the ex stalking you is in it for the long haul, look for these signs.

36000j1 ) She’s been with you for a long time.

If you’ve been avoiding her for a long, long time, chances are, your gal is not going anywhere any time soon. FYI: Once we get attached to something (like a boyfriend), we never want to let go. Never. Familiarity and comfort are EVERYTHING for the women who enjoys stalking the man of her dreams.

2) She goes above and beyond.

“This bitch be crazy” is something you find yourself saying a lot. She’s constantly showering you with inappropriate pictures of her vagina, and you can’t work out how she keeps getting your new phone number. She says it’s just to show you how much she cares. She wants to be treated like a princess, yes — more than that, though, she wants to treat you like royalty, too — if you would only let her, you selfish prick.

 3) You’re her circle.

Her mom is scared of her; you have had her best friend sign an affidavit agreeing that she is certified, bat-shit crazy. She has no friends, only you and her. You are her alpha and omega. The psychic she is speaking to who says that you will eventually be together is not helping the situation.

Overly-Attached-Girlfriend4) She’s vocal about her feelings and desires.

The time she kidnapped you and held you captive, you seriously thought she was going to cut out your balls and eat them, right in front you, Hannibal Lecter style.  If she tells you what she wants and when she wants it, this lady is pretty damn serious about you, and she wants you to know. The numerous restraining orders you have got out on her seem to unphase her. You wonder if she is human.

5) She imagines a future with you and only you.

If she’s got a list of baby names going on her iPhone notes, she’s undoubtedly picturing a future with you, however distant. Or maybe she’s researching how to decorate your next apartment, or she’s pinning engagement rings on her Pinterest board (wink, wink). No matter the case, she’s definitely imagining a long life with you by her side. She has said that even if you moved to the outskirts of the Siberian tundra, she will find you. It feels like she is breaking your spirit.

 6) She’s in your head and she not getting out

Now it feels like she is fucking with your mind. You think she has broken into your apartment and just moved small stuff around. Your 100% sure she hacked into your phone, email and PC. She left a note on fridge saying that she has put a hit out on you, and the only way it can be stopped is if you say you love her and move in together. You go to police and file charges, but it turn outs that her dad is the lead Detective; you think it will be him who will execute you.

 hqdefault7) Her love is conditional.

You finally surrender and, after 5 long years of torment and torture, you give in. You go over to her and let her know you are all hers. She is so happy for the following few days, but then starts whining that you are not the man she fantasized about and asks you to leave.



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