What’s the best way for female celebrity role models to say to the world, “I am sexually available, but also childlike”?

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By Celebrity Agent: Brendon Mills

graphic BAfm2For any young women to be successful in celebrity consumer culture it is a given they must be sexy, and nothing says sexy like the finger-in-mouth look (AKA “I’m a confused little girl who is also sexually curious”) that female pops stars seem to perfect. As we all know, a woman’s value is determined in how, as an object, she pleases and titillates the male subject. This isn’t my opinion; it’s just plain science. Look it up.

We don’t want our young female role models to be too “womanly.” In this industry we like them to maintain a little bit of innocence and infantile qualities, whilst simultaneously being alluring, sexy, and having that “come and get me” look about them. Of course, it goes without saying that paedophiles are monsters, yet sexualising the submissive “I am a naughty, docile girl” look in all cross sections of the media, to young, female consumers is not the same thing. Well, at least that’s what our PR team and corporate lawyers told us to say if anyone asks.

fm3 Let’s face it: We live in a capitalist society that commodifies everything and anything, and if young starlets want to be popular and achieve the fame their deep insecurities and pushy parents crave, the “finger in mouth” is just part of the deal. Is there a relationship between pop culture’s endless objectification and sexualisation of anything female and the epidemic of sexual violence against women? Legally, I am not allowed to answer that question, but if there is, that’s just a price worth paying so our fame factory can keep rolling out the production line of the kind of people products that are being bought and sold. This isn’t about morals or ethics; this about sales, profit, and exploiting resources to ensure growth. The transition from sweet, dorky tween to sexy “fuck me” pop star might seem to occur over night, but it’s a well–planned strategy that does involve the consent of the products themselves and their parents.

Sex sells, but what sells even better is sex that always says, “I’m a submissive little girl who needs a man to dominate me as I talk about how much of a feminist female empowerer I am.” You might think, “I am having a cognitive dissonance brain freeze,” but we think, “Ching Ching.”


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