Man pranks his wife that their 3-year-old son is killed in an explosion, and in doing so puts himself as the frontrunner for 2015’s Biggest Asshole of the Year award.

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By Francis Nicholson

Graphic-SRRI personally am not a big fan of the expansive prank genre on YouTube. Occasionally, you see some funny ones, but often it’s the kind of disturbance I would have thought hilarious at age 12, yet who am I to judge infantile humour, when I just published an article about semen as facial cream?

There are pranks, and then there are pranks. Ok, looking at the weird face of shock, dismay and panic when someone is pranked while sleeping can be reasonably funny. There is a Brazilian TV show that pulls off some pretty detailed ones, and some pretty scary ones as well. Yet some pranks, in my opinion, lose the title of “prank” and go straight to a guy just being a prick.

This guy in question uses his son to prank his girlfriend into thinking their toddler has sped off on a quad and has crashed and died in an explosion. Luckily for her, she only seems to buy it very briefly, as she’s obviously well-acquainted with his douche-baggery. Having two kids myself, I know even for a few fleeting seconds to think something like that has happened must be the worst feeling ever. As parents, our worst fear is something fucked up happening to our children, that they are harmed in some way whilst they are still innocent and vulnerable, and I am sure it’s a feeling that remains even as they move into adulthood. A horrific accident is bad enough, but then to see it right before your eyes, well, that’s got to be even worse.

So to then inflict that onto your girlfriend deliberately, post it on YouTube, and then profit from it like, “Hardy fucking har har,” is almost beyond belief. Either he really does have the emotional maturity of an 11-year-old, or he is participating in some warped, sadistic mind-fuck on his girlfriend. He’s cracking up laughing like he just struck comedy gold; “You thought our son was blown to pieces and he wasn’t! Oh, the look on your face was priceless!” This guy seriously needs professional help, or a forceful slap across the face, or maybe both. Even worse, in 2014 he pranked this same girlfriend that he had thrown their son off the balcony, when again it was just a dummy, and more “hilarity” ensued. How or why she is still with this guy seems just as puzzling.

You would love to see some karmic double-prank payback. They get him drunk, and then tell him that when he was close to unconscious he had sex with a crack-addict prostitute. Then they tell him the prostitute had AIDS… Wait for it… No, just kidding. We pranked you. That look on your face when you thought you had AIDS… Wait for it… Well, you better keep that look handy, as this is a double prank, and you do, in fact, most probably have AIDS, because the real prank was how this was no prank at all. You are infected with HIV! Hilarious, right? If years from now she decides to leave him, and he asks what went wrong, she might ask him to think back to that time he pranked her that their son had died. “I went from loving you to just thinking you’re a total cunt” is a hypothetical conclusion that wouldn’t be far from the truth.


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